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Couples Therapy in Grand Rapids MI

For any stage of your relationship, we help to create a solid foundation for your future.

Marriage Counseling Grand Rapids MI

We as a whole in society are very uneducated when it comes to relationships and must gain education if we want to be successful at it.

This is why we want to welcome you here to marriage counseling Grand Rapids MI! We are here to provide to you the education that you need in either pre marriage counseling or couples counseling Grand Rapids MI.

50% of couples give up and divorce in their first marriage because they do not know where to go or how to resolve their issues in their marriage or how to support each other and appreciate their differences.

Divorce should be your very very very last option and counseling will be on the top list of ways for you to heal and mend your relationship.

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Marriage Counseling Grand Rapids MI

grand rapids couples therapy

We believe that the most important relationships in our lives are the ones that are most close to us, our spouse. We help you to get more out of life by getting more out of your relationship.

Many relationships go on autopilot after being together for a period of time and going through the mundane day to day activities. Life can get rather boring and lonely when your life and relationship go on auto pilot yet many couples experience this and you may be thinking right now that this is you.

With relationship counseling Grand Rapids MI we are nothing but a team of hard working, determined, and professional individuals that are ready to help you create a life that you love. It is our goal for our clients to live a rich life full of experiences that are rewarding to them.

We understand how important your relationship is to your overall health and well being and we do our best in helping you to become the healthiest you that you can become. It is important for you to trust us and we strive our best to be a company built on that of trust to gain that trust from you.

Why choose Marriage Counseling Spokane WA?

Our counselors are the best here and do the best job at providing you with the quality counseling that you deserve. We have been striving to create more rich and quality relationships with couples just like you for many years.

It is important that you realize if you are struggling with any of all of these topics in your marriage or relationship you will highly benefit from counseling with us here:

  • Struggling with intimacy in your marriage
  • Unhealthy communication styles or patterns
  • Infidelity and the loss of trust
  • Financial differences
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Grief

There are many factors that do not change no matter who you married. You each have your own personality, you each have your childhood that impacts you and you have your own personal values and goals for yourself. No matter who you married these would still be the same factors in your marriage.

It is important to realize that many of your marital issues are those of being simply different than your spouse and learning how to be one while being so different.

Our counselors here at Marriage Counseling Grand Rapids MI do the best job and help you to sift out what the big true issues in your marriage are rather than simply the differences.

What To Expect?

What happens when you come to marriage counseling Grand Rapids? Let us walk you through it. Call us today and schedule with one of our counselors to get started!

You will then come to couples counseling near me and begin your journey to a new you and a vastly better relationship. Many of our couples have childhood trauma that they did not even realize that they are carrying and have been holding onto for all of these years.

Our counselors help to discuss and work through these issues with you during relationship counselling. You will feel so much freedom and a weight lifted off of your shoulders when both you and your spouse during marriage therapy Grand Rapids MI realize it is what you are doing or not doing in your marriage necessarily but rather what you brought into your marriage from the beginning. Once you work out that you are going to see strides of a difference in your relationship.

You will work through stumbling blocks in yourself and in your marriage during counseling. You may feel weird at times, or odd as you talk about topics and feelings that you may not normally talk about. This is totally normal and is expected. You will see results and gain much more out of your couples therapy near me as you do these things in marriage counseling Grand Rapids MI.

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Whatever phase of life you are in relationship counseling will be beneficial to you. It is a matter of figuring out if you would get more out of pre marriage counseling or couples counselling. We make healthy couples, we make stronger couples, and we make happy couples in couples counseling Grand Rapids MI.

Premarital counseling Grand Rapids MI

In pre marriage counseling we will go over some red flags that you may be seeing in your relationship.

A lot of times our couples we work with will have red flags that they see in their partner but may either not want to hurt feelings so they do not speak up and talk openly about it, or they normalize whatever the behavior is and make it seem okay.

Habits and people do not magically change when you get married so it is extremely important to go to pre marriage counselling to talk openly about them in a safe space.

Marriage counseling near me

Do you wish you had gone to some types of couples therapy before marriage? Marriage counseling Grand Rapids will be the solution to your marriage problems that you are running into.

Marriage is hard and when not worked upon can easily crumble. We are here to help you build up that crumble that may be there or strengthen your building before it does crumble.

About Grand Rapids MI

Grand Rapids has two names it is known by which are “River City” due to it being on the Grand River and also “Furniture City” as it is home to some of the largest furniture companies.

There are many large orchards here in Grand Rapids with the land being relatively flat. The weather ranges from hot and humid summer to then cold and snowy winters. The spring and fall are very short and quite mild.

The snowy winters are not just any snow, we get lake effect snowstorms so we get significant amounts of snow. The city skyline is unlike anything else, it is gorgeous as it is filled with incredibly tall buildings and unbelievable night lights.

Grand Rapids itself only has a population of around 201,000 but the metropolitan population here is nearly 1.1 million. A few of Grand Rapids surrounding cities are

  1. Wyoming, MI
  2. Allendale, MI
  3. Jenison, MI
  4. Grandville, MI
  5. Comstock Park, MI
  6. Hudsonville, MI
  7. Rockford, MI
  8. Byron Center, MI
  9. Coopersville, MI
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have to talk about emotions?

Yes. A lot of our clients are not used to or always comfortable talking about emotions at first. Most of the men in our offices are less likely to come in talking openly about their emotions. This is a skill that you will learn along the way while you are in Grand Rapids marriage counseling. It will help you to better understand yourself and the thoughts and ideas that you are having. There is power to verbalize your thoughts and that is what we help you to have here.

What is the success rate of couples therapy?

Nearly 75% of couples that go to relationship therapy have success in their relationship. 90% of them realize that through couples therapy Grand Rapids MI that they had huge and noticeable improvement in their relationship. This is a massive success rate. Considering that 50% of first marriages end in divorce it is very comforting to know that if those 50% were to come and participate in marriage counseling that there are high chances they could still be happily married and saved the heartache of divorce.

Does couples counseling help?

If you are willing to put in the work during couples counseling then yes it will absolutely work. This is true for much of anything in life. If you are willing to put in the work and the time and are willing to stretch yourself, what it is that you are trying is going to work and you are going to see success. In Grand Rapids marriage counseling your counselor will be your guide and will aim you only in the direction of success and steer clear from failure in your relationship.

What benefits will we get from seeing a therapist?

Seeing a therapist is one of the greatest things you can do for your relationship. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your understanding of each other and learn more about yourself. You will dive deep into what it is that you love, why you love it, how you love your spouse, why you love your spouse, how you move forward with a more open heart and open mind, ect. Seeing a therapist for marriage therapy will help you to gain new perspectives about your relationship and the role that you play in such a relationship.

Client Testimonials

Pre marriage counseling has been just the thing that we have needed. We feel trained and ready to take on the challenges of the world together thanks to our amazing counselor!

Brittney Stewart

We decided to try out counseling before moving forward with a divorce and we are so glad that we did. We had so much unknown hurt and have been working through the healing process and now have an even stronger relationship than befor

Travis Strough

My husband and I have loved counseling. We both love to laugh but have not laughed in awhile. Our counselor realized how important this was in our lives and got us laughing again. We like to say it was the laughter that has mended our relationship!

Madison Newport

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Are you ready to essentially gain a degree in marriage before you are married so that you will have much more success in your marriage? If you are, then premarital counseling will be just the thing for you.

Are you on the other end of the spectrum wondering why you do not have a manual to a relationship that can be so complex? If this is you then you will love couples counseling at Marriage counseling Grand Rapids MI.

We have the perfect service for everyone as we know that relationships take hard work and we value hard work and sacrifice.

Do not wait and give us a call today! We are waiting to offer solutions and some of the most life changing marriage advice you have yet to receive in couples therapy Grand Rapids MI.

Marriage Counseling Grand Rapids MI

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